Cuddle Monster Games

Hannes Rahm is Cuddle Monster Games, the solo developer behind Hell is Other Demons, a fast-paced bullet-hell platformer with big pixels, bold colors, and heavy synthwave sound.

With over-the-top demon bosses and bite-size levels, Hell is Other Demons is a juicy new arcade shooter from Cuddle Monster Games, made with Unity and Asset Store.

Top assets from W.O.W Sound

The idea for Hell is Other Demons came while watching a streamer bash his head against a boss (playing I Wanna Be the Boshy, to be specific). When Hannes attended a GBJAM, which constrains creators to the visual specs of the Game Boy (160 x 160, 4 colors), he embraced the dithering effect.
Hell is Other Demons actually started out as a web game made in JavaScript and went through two engine switches before landing in Unity. “For my use, I definitely find Unity the most viable out of everything I’ve tried.” New consoles posed a problem. “I saw no way of porting what I already had, so I simply started remaking the game from scratch. While I learned a lot from making the earlier versions, in hindsight I wish I had gone with Unity from the start.”

In developing Hell is Other Demons, Hannes used several tools from the Asset Store, including Odin Inspector and SerializerInControl for input management, Chronos for time control, TextMesh Pro for text formatting and rendering, and various platform-specific assets.

Big pixels, bold colors, and heavy synthwave sound.

Based in Sweden, Hannes had been coding and designing “weird little things” ever since Commodore 64, with a dream of being a game developer. When the telecom/network infrastructure company he worked for closed down the office in his hometown, Hannes went indie.
Hannes prefers not to rely on gimmicks. Rather, his games use well-known mechanics, but certain aspects get turned up to 11. It could be a visual aesthetic, the number of enemies, or the variety in movement.

For other projects, assets such as ProBuilderProGrids, Shader Forge (no longer available), PlayMaker for visual scripting, Aron Granberg’s A* Pathfinding Project ProX-WeaponTrail and Google Universal Analytics have proven useful.

Working alone presents challenges and doubts regarding game design, marketing, production, and more. His player and playtester communities have been invaluable in filling the gaps and providing input.
Lately, Hannes is making physical things, including a cigar-box guitar and a custom mechanical keyboard.
Currently, he’s active in responding to feedback on Hell is Other Demons – squashing bugs, improving the game, and working on the next free content patch. On top of the ideas he already has, the community is inspiring some awesome upgrades, characters, weapons and features.

Driven by positive feedback, Hannes is still trying to figure out his next project.
Hell is Other Demons is available now on
Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Hell is Other Demons launch trailer.

Odin Inspector and Serializer puts your Unity workflow on steroids, making it easy to build powerful and advanced user-friendly editors for you and your entire team.

A* Pathfinding Project Pro

Easy Movie Texture

InControl is a unified, cross-platform input manager for Unity that standardizes mappings for common controllers.


Chronos brings full time control to Unity. It is easy to use, optimized for performance and equipped to handle any scenario. Perfect for magic spells, puzzle games, sci-fi abilities or special effects!

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